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At The Law Firm Of Kevin Stuart CavanaughAttorney Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh

My commitment to excellent client service begins with the free consultation and doesn't end until your case is resolved. If problems arise, you can be sure that I will handle those problems personally. I believe in being both responsive and dedicated to my clients, because my clients deserve nothing less. Since every case and client is different, I often utilize creative solutions to solve my clients' problems.

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Temporary Orders

Overland Park Temporary and Emergency Support Lawyer

Contact the Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh for assistance getting financial support through the duration of your divorce case. Call (913) 387-3193 for a free initial consultation.

Making Sure You Are Taken Care of

If you have always been supported by your spouse or stopped working when you had children, you probably feel ill equipped to handle the financial implications of your divorce. While you may have given thought to the support you will most likely receive after the divorce, what about the interim period – that time between the filing and the actual divorce?

At the Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh, I help clients who find themselves in this situation file formal orders for temporary or emergency support. As you face the prospect of a severely altered home life, make sure you get the financial assistance you need to survive and support any children you may have from the marriage.

Making Arrangements for Your Children

If you have traditionally been the parent who has spent the most time with your children, nurturing them and caring for their day-to-day needs, I can also help you file temporary orders for custody until a permanent decision can be made. If both parties agree to the temporary custodial arrangements, I can help devise a parenting plan to make sure that children are able to spend ample time with both parents. Should your spouse object to the arrangements, I will support you in your position or help you negotiate a compromise if you are amenable to the idea. Remember that the Courts and Judges want both spouses very involved in the parenting of their children and try to look at your situation with that in mind.

Promoting Candidness

Making temporary custodial and support arrangements during the interim of your divorce case can be as important as the final decisions related to these areas. Throughout the process, I encourage clients to be very candid about their situation, their financial status and their desires regarding their children’s custodial arrangements.

I look forward to speaking with you about getting the support you need through the duration of your divorce case and helping you find resolution so that you can successfully move forward. Contact me, Attorney Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh today and schedule a free initial consultation. Call (913) 387-3193.

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